Igrice is a company that develops unique and original animation and video games through global cooperation. Our goal is to help and support different animators, game creators and movie makers, and market their products and services all over the world.

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1. We have a bunch of talented creators in Serbia and its neighboring countries in East Europe. We can form teams that match the client's tastes, needs, and demands.

2. Our team is composed of different nationalities. Most of us have experience working in Japan and are capable of writing and speaking Japanese. Therefore, we can assure you that our team is competent of providing exactly what you need.


Igrice is a company composed of professionals from different countries in Europe and Asia, mainly Japan and Serbia. People from these two countries are skillful in the field of animations, games, and movies. These two countries have an unique perspective when it comes to entertainment industry, which has become a part of their traditions and culture. This is what these two countries have in common. Renowned for anime, manga, and video games; Japan got the title of being one of the pioneers in the entertainment industry particularly in the area of animation and games. While Serbia, on the other hand, has become a place for artists producing high-grade movies during it's most fruitful years in 1980's.

Since one of our principles is uniting different culture and race, Igrice believes that Japan and Serbia can work together in regaining their title and prestige in the field of entertainment by working together.

Igrice is a diminutive of the word “game” in Serbian language, so it means small, innocent games that everyone enjoys playing. Basically the term “igrice” means video games, so we’ve chosen this word since our company mainly creates and sells video games for global market. Our logo is the griffon vulture, a rare bird of prey that lives in Europe and Asia. Moreover, it is one of the main attractions in “Uvac” Special Nature Reserve, protected natural asset of great importance in Serbia. The bird is also known as the Eurasian griffon, so in a way it symbolizes the connection between Europe and Asia.