Serbia is a country located in the Southeast of Europe. It has a total population of 8,795,672 in 2015. It is known for its rich culture and history, beautiful nature and famous attractions. Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia and (home for creative artists in the past until present days). The capital city has an estimated population of 1.6 million. With the country's great culture and history emerge exceptionally skilled artists/creators.

In the 1950’s under the administration of Josip Broz Tito, Belgrade became known for animating puppets which later on opened up for a production of commissioned films. Among these film industries are Dunav Film and Neoplanta Film that produced movies with the help of talented artist from Belgrade and Novi Sad, (another city in Serbia).

In recent years, Serbian Ministry of Culture continues to support and promote the films and animations in the country through film festivals and animation festivals like Japan-Serbia Film Festivals and Festival of European Student Animation which is patron by the ministry. These two festivals show the passion, talent, and creativity that Serbian artists have.